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The Owner of the Place who is permitted to erect a lift, on completion of erection shall apply for a licence with the following documents.

  1. Duly filled in Form - 'B' - the notice of completion of erection of lift (Download-Form B) and enclose the following

  2. The work completion report of the Manufacturer of Lifts

  3. The Work Completion report of the Electrical Contractor.

  4. Copy of License of the electrical contractor and supervisor permit.

  5. Original receipt/ challan for Rs. 2000/- (The amount shall be remitted at any Govt. Treasury or Bank under head of account 0043 or at office cash counter.)

  6. Forward the above in complete shape to the respective Deputy Chief Electrical Inspector (To know the Office location Click Here)

On receipt of the above completion certificate & documents, the Deputy Chief Electrical Inspector shall inspect the lift installation on the pre-intimated date in the presence of the owner; lift manufacturer and the Electrical Contractor. Necessary tests will be conducted during the inspection and on satisfying himself that the Lift installation is in general conformity with the Karnataka Lift Act & Rules and I E Rules, 1956, recommendations will be sent to the Chief Electrical Inspector for grant the Licence. On the other hand if any defects are noticed during the inspection, the same will be asked to comply and to submit the compliance report. Re-inspection will be taken up and the compliance report will be verified before the recommendations are sent to the Chief Electrical Inspector to issue the Licence.

After receipt of the Licence every owner of a lift shall enter into a contract with the makers of the Lift or their agents for the satisfactory maintenance including cleaning, oiling, adjusting and repairing of the Lift.

The Chief Electrical Inspector who is the state Inspector of Lift or any officer authorized in this behalf may at any time after giving notice in Form E to the Occupant enter upon any building in which a lift is installed or is being installed for the purpose of inspecting the lift. If on such inspection the officer is of the opinion that the installation is in unsafe condition, he may issue an order on the owner or his agent requiring such repairs or alterations to be made to such lift as he may deem necessary within the time specified therein and may also if necessary order the use of such lift to be discontinued till the repairs or alterations are effected. The owner or the agent shall comply with the order within the time stipulated and report in writing to the officer of having so complied.

The owner or the agent of the lift shall afford all reasonable facilities to the officer inspecting the lift.