The Provisions of the Karnataka Cinemas (Regulation) Act, 1964 and Rules, 1971 requires that the projector room and operation of the projectors is in charge of a person who shall be holder of Cinema Operators Licence. The provisions of Rule 48 11(i) of the Karnataka Cinemas (Regulation) Rules, 1971 requires that the Cinema operator so appointed to be in charge of the projectors shall be a holder of a cinema operators Licence issued by the Electrical Inspector to Govt.

In requirement of the above provisions of the Rule, the Rules for Cinema Operators Examination and issue of competency certificates and Licence has been formed as per order no. HD 30 CNL 70, Bangalore Dt:31/12/1974. The said Rules provide for the” Board of examiners for cinema operators” which consists of the following members: -

1. The Chief Electrical Inspector to Govt., Bangalore Chairman
2. The Electrical Inspector (Admin, Tax & manual), Head Office, Bangalore Secretary
3. Two Nominees from The Film Chamber of Commerce Members
4. Two Nominees from the Technical Education Board Members

Eligibility of a Candidate appearing for the cinema operators Examination

  1. The Candidate shall have passed the S.S.L.C exam to be eligible to appear for the Exam.
  2. He/she shall have attained the age of 18 years.
  3. He/she shall register with the Board after applying in Form “A” (Click Here to Download) to the secretary.
  4. He/shall have put in an apprenticeship or service for a period of not less than one full year in a licenced Cinema theatre, under the direct supervision of an operator who holds a valid Licence

Such of the candidates who satisfy the above requirements would be requested to furnish the Form “B” (Click Here to Download) to be sent from the office of the Chief Electrical Inspector to Govt.. Alternatively, notification in the paper will also be published as far as possible notifying the date of Examination and other requirements.

Grant of Competency Certificate:-

Grant of competency certificate will be undertaken to such of the candidates who are declared to have been passed the examination conducted by the Board.

Grant of permit:-

All successful candidates declared to have been passed and granted with the competency certificate will be requested to apply for operator Licence as per the letter from the Secretary. Such of the applicants who possess a Diploma Certificate issued by the Technical Education Board will be granted with the permit duly being exempted from appearing for the Examination conducted by COC Board. 

Renewal of Permit:-

Licence granted initially for a period of five years is liable to be renewed for a further maximum of three years subsequently subject to necessary fee and connected documents being furnished.

Every Licence shall be submitted with the renewal fee and enclosures three months before expire of the permit.

Any Licence submitted after the expiry of the same shall be treated as an application for new Licence with the applicable fee.

A licence not renewed within a period of six years shall be treated as lapsed and such person whose Licence is treated as lapsed shall appear for the exam again and pass the same if he intends to obtain the Licence again. 
Every Licence so granted shall be endorsed to the theatre as and when such a Licencee is in charge of the projector room of the theatre where he is appointed.