Citizens Charter

Need for a Charter

The department striving to provide all services expected of the department at the least possible time has transparent procedures which aims to continue quality service to the public.

Objectives of the Charter

1.  To place before the public an overview of the organisation.
2.  To inform the citizens about the kinds of services that the department provide.
3.  To state the standards of services delivered

Our Vision

The Department which has been striving to provide near perfect electrical installations free from electrical hazards has also ensured that safe power is available at the consumer terminals for use by the end user.  The department has also initiated measures to educate the public as well as Licensed Electrical Contractors with the procedures to be followed in the safe  use  of  power  to  be  availed  from  the  supply  terminals.    The department also undertakes periodical inspections of the electrical system to  educate the consumers  and  the public  regarding  the  dangers  from unsafe handling and usage of electric power.  During the said inspections consumers  and  public  are  also  educated  with  the  information  and statutory requirements in maintaining the safe distances from live supply lines / terminals / equipments, etc.

In as much as the department strives to achieve the objectives of the Acts and Rules with the limited man power on hand compared to the enormous  and  vast  electrical  network  in  the  State  of  Karnataka,  the public  also  has  a  great  role  to  play  in  this  regard  in  building  their electrical installations and infrastructure within the parameters of safety in their own interest as well as the interest of the public at large.  In this regard, the efforts and participation of the Licensed Electrical Contractors who play a bridge between the statutory requirements and infrastructure of the consumer is also very huge not just from the point of ensuring public safety as a social obligation but largely as a statutory requirement. It is pertinent to add here that the law and Rules require that

Rule 45(1) ìNo electrical installation work, including additions, alterations, repairs and adjustments to existing installations, except such  replacement   of   lamps,   fans,   fuses,   switches,   low   voltage domestic appliances and fittings as in no way alters its capacity or character, shall be carried out upon the premises of or on behalf of any 3[consumer, supplier, owner or occupier] for the purpose of supply to such 3[consumer, supplier, owner or occupier] except by an electrical contractor licensed in this behalf by the State Government and under the direct supervision of a person holding a certificate of competency and by a person holding a permit issued or recognised by the State Government.

Rule 45  2[(2) No electrical installation work which has been carried out in contravention of sub rule (1) shall either be energised or connected to the works of any supplier]î

as statutory requirement under Rule 45 of I.E. Rules 1956.

In  as  much  as  the  Rule  requires  that  the  electrical  works  as aforesaid are to be executed by a Licensed Electrical contractor, the licensed electrical Contractor is also required to ensure that he employs qualified supervisors and wiremen to execute the said works.   It is in these requirements of rule 45 of the I.E. rules that the Government of Karnataka has enacted the Act and Rules with regard to the Karnataka (Licensing of Electrical Contractors and grant of Certificates and Permits to Electrical supervisor and Wiremen) Rules 1976, which the Department of Electrical Inspectorate administers.

In order to achieve quality service at the least possible time, the public in general as well as the consumers and the Licensed Electrical Contractors  in  particular  shall  follow  the  following  guidelines  for effective / smooth / immediate compliance of the requirements under the statute expected from the department.

1.  Services delivered by the department

We are committed to:

The main objective of the dept. of Electrical Inspectorate is to ensure that all electrical installations in the state of Karnataka are installed and maintained as per the relevant Safety Codes and Standards. This is being strictly carried out with a specific intention of minimising the danger to human beings, animal life in particular and damage to the property  in  general.  The  Department  is  entrusted  with  the responsibility of ensuring the safety requirements in Generation, Transmission,   Distribution   and   Utilisation   of   electrical   power.

This  is  achieved  by  proper  administering  and  effective implementation of the provisions of the Indian Electricity Rules 1956, Electricity Act 2003, Karnataka Lifts Act 1974 and Lifts Rules 1976, Karnataka Cinematograph Act 1964 and Rules 1971, Karnataka (Licensing of Electrical Contractors and grant of Certificates and Permits to Electrical supervisor and Wiremen) Rules 1976 and The Karnataka Exhibition of Films On Television Screen Through Video Cassette   Recorder   Or   Laser   Disc   (Regulation)   Rules,   1984.

This Department is also entrusted with the supervision, auditing, accounting and collection of tax on electricity consumption as per Karnataka Electricity (Taxation on Consumption) Act 1959 and Rules

Our mission:

The main functions of the dept. of Electrical Inspectorate under the Central Electricity Act & Rules besides the State Acts & Rules are as follows:

1. Scrutiny and approval of electrical installation drawings of Generating Stations,   Transmission   lines   MUSS   of   Licensees,   Distribution Systems of ESCOMs, EHT, HT, CG/DG/TG sets, Multistoried buildings (More than 15 metres in height), lifts & escalators, and cinema installations.
2. Initial   inspection  for   verifying   safety   standards  and   grant   of
permission for commissioning of the above electrical installations and X-ray, Neon sign installations and temporary installations of consumers.
3. Periodical inspection of all the EHT, HT, DGs/TGs, MSB, Lifts & Escalator installations yearly once and supplier and MV installations five year once and cinema installations as and when consumer files
application for renewal.
4. Investigation of electrical accidents and reporting on the same to the Government, with remedial suggestions to prevent the re- occurrence of the same.
5. Enquiring into and adjudication of complaints and disputes between
Consumer & Electrical contractor.
6. Supervision,  auditing,  accounting  and  collection  of  electricity consumption tax from different electricity consumers through Supplier/Licensee and Distribution Companies and collecting electricity tax on captive consumption as and when Government Notifies.
7. Issue of electrical contractor licences, supervisor permits, special wiremen permits, wiremen permits and renewal of the same.
8. Conducting examinations for electrical supervisors (Industrial & Mining) and electrical wiremen for issue of competency certificate & permits.
9. Conducting examinations for issue of cinema operator competency certificates.

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