The main functions of the dept. of Electrical Inspectorate under the Central Electricity Act & Regulations besides the State Acts & Rules are as follows:

  1. Scrutiny and approval of electrical installation drawings of Generating Stations of KPCL, IPPs (Hydel, Thermal, Wind, Diesel, Co-Generation, Bio-mass etc.,) Transmission lines MUSS of Supplier & Licensees, Distribution Systems of ESCOMs, EHT, HT, CG/DG/TG sets, Multistoried buildings (More than 15 metres in height), lifts & escalators, and cinema installations.

  2. Initial inspection for verifying safety standards and grant of permission for commissioning of the above electrical installations and X-ray, Neon sign installations and temporary installations of consumers.

  3. Periodical inspection of all the above installations yearly once and supplier and MV installations five year once and cinema installations as and when consumer files application for renewal.

  4. Investigation of electrical accidents and reporting on the same to the Government, with remedial suggestions to prevent the re- occurrence of the same.

  5. Enquiring into and adjudication of complaints and disputes between Consumer & Electrical contractor.

  6. Supervision, accounting and collection of electricity consumption tax from different electricity consumers through Supplier/Licensee and Distribution Companies and collecting electricity tax on captive consumption as and when Government Notifies.

  7. Issue of electrical contractor licences, supervisor permits, special wiremen permits, wiremen permits and renewal of the same.

  8. Conducting examinations for electrical supervisors (Industrial & Mining) and electrical wiremen for issue of competency certificate & permits.

  9. Conducting examinations for issue of cinema operator competency certificates.