The main objective of the dept. of Electrical Inspectorate is to ensure that all electrical installations in the state of Karnataka are installed and maintained as per the relevant Safety Codes and Standards. This is being strictly carried out with a specific intention of minimising the danger to human beings, animal life in particular and damage to the property in general. The Department is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the safety requirements in Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Utilisation of electrical power.

This is achieved by proper administering and effective implementation of the provisions of the Central Electricity Authority(Measures relating to Safety & Electric Supply) Regulation 2010, Electricity Act 2003, Karnataka Lifts,Escalators and Passenger Conveyors Act 2012 and Rules 2015 , Karnataka Cinematograph Act 1964 and Karnataka Cinema (Regulation) Rules 2014, Karnataka (Licensing of Electrical Contractors ,Special Wiring Permit and grant of Certificates and Permits to Electrical supervisor and Wiremen) Rules 2012 and The Karnataka Exhibition of Films On Television Screen Through Video Cassette Recorder Or Laser Disc (Regulation) Rules, 1984.

This Department is also entrusted with the supervision, accounting and collection of tax on electricity consumption from different electricity consumers through Supplier/Licensee and Distribution Companies as per the Karnataka Electricity (Taxation on Consumption or Sale) Act 1959 and Karnataka Electricity (Taxation on Consumption or Sale) Rules 2014.