Upon receipt of application from the Deputy Commissioner of the district in favour of owner of a cinema installation, drawing approval of electrical installation of the cinema would be processed and following details/drawings needs to be furnished

1. Copy of No Objection Certificate

2. Copy of Building plan approved from the competent authority.

3. Enclose original receipt for Rs. 1000/- towards Drawing scrutiny fee.

4. All the drawings shall be submitted in Quadra duplicate duly signed by the applicant the Electrical Contactor.

Drawings to be furnished:

A framed wiring diagram in single line indicating clearly the arrangement of all circuits & sub-circuits of the electrical installation, the position of distribution boards & the size of cables etc & these shall be.
  1. Single line scheme of the electrical installation of the premises showing at least three separate & distinct main circuits and these shall be
    1. Circuit “A” for the projection room and then through dimming regulator if any, to the central lighting of the auditorium.
    2. Circuit “B” for approximately one half of the auditorium, passage ways, stair ways, exits and part of the building open to the public, and
    3. Circuit “C” for the remaining half of the auditorium, passage ways, stair ways, exits, and parts of the building open to the public and the control of the circuits in respect of “B” & “C” shall be remote from each other.
    4. The circuits ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ shall be supplied from three different places to balance the load. The main circuits ‘A’, ‘B’&’C’ may be sub-divided into as many sub-circuits as may be considered necessary, each sub-circuit shall start from a distributing board.
    5. The lights inside & outside the premises shall be on separate circuits, circuits for fans, power and cooling purposes shall be kept distinct and separate from lighting circuits
  2. Plan showing location of the cinematograph apparatus and the complete electrical installation with all wiring, light point, switches, distribution boards & other electrical machinery indicating different circuits in different colors, auditorium area, no. of seating capacity, fans provided in the auditorium area, projection room, entry, exits, stairways.
  3. Sectional elevation of the building showing auditorium, floor level of housing auditoriums, projector room, urinals, entry, exits.
  4. The Drawings of earthing arrangement made for the Cinematographic equipments and electrical installation.

The Chief Electrical Inspector to Govt. /Additional Chief Electrical Inspector/Deputy Chief Electrical Inspector shall approve the drawings if he is satisfied after scrutiny that the cinematograph plant and electrical installation are in accordance with the provisions of Rules relating to protection from fire and other matters and shall forward the same duly approved to the Licencing Authority.