The Licencee shall apply one month in advance before the expiry of Electrical fitness certificate for regrant/ Renewal to Zonal Additional Chief Electrical Inspector in case of Multiplex cinema, jurisdictional Deputy Chief Electrical Inspector in case of permanent cinema and Semi pe rmanent Cinema and shall forward

  1. The completion report through his Licensed Electrical contractor who has carried out the work
  2. Copy of Licence and supervisor permits of the Licensed Electrical contractor
  3. Megger test results of the electrical installation
  4. Copies of COC permits of cinema operators endorsed to the cinema theatre.
  5. Earth test results of all the electrodes
  6. Name plate details of all the cinematographic equipments
  7. Enclose original receipt for Rs. 2000/- for permanent cinema (In case of Multiplex cinema, Rs. 2000/- per screen shall be taken) or Rs. 1500/- for semi permanent cinema towards fee for inspection and issue of Electrical fitness certificate. Fee shall be paid under the Department Head of Account “Non plan 0043 Taxes and other duties on Electricity- Fee for Inspection of Cinemas.”

After the Inspection and after satisfying himself that the installation is in general conformity with the Central Electricity Authority(Measures relating to Safety & Electric Supply) Regulation 2010 and the Karnataka Cinemas (Regulation) Rules, 2014, the inspecting officer shall recommend to his next higher authority for renewal and issue Electrical fitness certificate for further period of 5 years for Multiplex ,permanent cinemas and semi permanent cinemas.

In case the installation is not in general conformity with the Rules and Acts there under, observations will be issued to the applicant in order to bring the installation in general conformity with the Rules. Upon receipt of the compliance report from the applicant for having rectified all the defects through his licensed Electrical contractor it will be verified and recommended for issuing Electrical Fitness certificate by the inspecting officer to his next higher authority and the Electrical certificate will be renewed under intimation to the Licening Authority.