The application of renewal of Electrical certificate shall be made to the concerned area/ District Deputy Electrical Inspector with the following within fifteen days before the Expiry of the Licence/Electrical fitness certificate.

  1. The completion report through his Licensed Electrical contractor who has carried out the work
  2. Copy of Licence and supervisor permits of the Licensed Electrical contractor
  3. Megger test results of the electrical installation
  4. Earth test results of all the electrodes
  5. Name plate details of all the cinematographic equipments
  6. Enclose original receipt for Rs. 500/- towards fee for inspection and issue of Electrical fitness certificate. Fee shall be paid under the Department Head of Account “Non plan 0043 Taxes and other duties on Electricity- Fee for Inspection of Cinemas.”

The Deputy Electrical Inspector will inspect the installation and after satisfying himself regarding the fitness of the installation, apparatus and plant along with fire fighting equipments for safe exhibition of cinema, shall renew electrical certificate under intimation to the Licencing Authority.

The Electrical certificate issued is valid for maximum of three months.