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Name of the Service Selected Permission to Erect Lift/Escalator/Passenger Conveyor
Eligiblity to get this services Any person or Company who intends to get the Lift/Escalator/Passenger Conveyors erected in the State of Karnataka
Scanned documents to be uploaded to get this Service View
Fee/Charges to be paid to get the service (Rs.) Rs.25/-(Application Fee) + Rs.1000/-(per lift/escalator/passenger conveyor) &
Service is expected to be delivered within(days) 20 Days
Service Process
1 - Applicant will log in to service of oficial website
2 - Departmental webpage will open showing the details of service, details of scanned documents requires , service process.
3 - Next enter the mobile number and apllicant will get the OTP which is to be entered. Once OTP is entered the application get opened.
4 - Applicant need to fill all fields, upload all the requested scanned documents and make online payment of fees then save and submit
5 - After successful submission of application , applicant will get the acknowledgement.
6 - The concerned AEI will receive the application online and verifies the drawings and documents, notes his/her observations and generates the report and submits the same online to Additional Chief Electrical Inspector/Deputy Chief Electrical Inspector for review and approval
7 - ACEI/DCEI reviews the report and the application submitted . If application found in order , the ACEI/DCEI approves the permission by generating the erction permission letter . If application is not in order , ACEI/DCEI will issue defect letter seeking additional documents by the applicant.
8 - Erection permission / defect letterwill be sent to Applicant
Before proceeding to enter the application form please be ready with scanned copies of the above documents and for online payment